Steel Pulse roots reggae band flying the Vanuatu flag

According to Wikipedia, Steel Pulse are a roots reggae musical band from the Handsworth area of Birmingham, England, which has many Afro-Caribbean, Indian and other Asian migrants. 

Captured live here the band singing Soldiers at a show in California in 2019 and behind the stage keyboard with Selwyn Brown is the Vanuatu flag.

Out over 200 plus national flags, Vanuatu has one that resembles the reggae color.

Bob Marley who is famous for roots, rock and reggae music and the influence of reggae color explained the colors as red signifies the blood of all living things in the world.

The yellow symbolizes the treasures in the world that people cherish.

The green represents the earth and hope and all the three colors almost have the same meaning in Vanuatu and could be the reason why the flag shows up in many reggae concerts around the word.

Reggae is also becoming the nations favorite and the local reggae stars are not limited to Naio Band, Stan and The Earthforce band, Tujah and many others.