Students Skipping School for Video Games

Authorities in the Ministry of Education are asked to properly monitor primary students who skip classes to go play video games. As the beginning of the school year approaches students attitude towards attending classes must monitored at all times.

Selwyn Toa residing in the USA says ‘hemi no gud spos ol pikinini oli skipim class mo go play game, be too hemi gud blong encouragem ol pikinini blong oli involve long ol kind activities olsem. Gaming hemi wan industry we i gat bigfala fiuja ahead long yumi, so hemi important blong yumi encouragem ol pikinini blong oli go long school mo involve long game programing from demand blong hem hemi bigwan long world today’.

The child at this age must build certain psychological and physiological needs forehand with the help of a parent, continued Mr. Toa but agrees there is the ‘negative effects of this pastime activity on children who spend more than half their day with the gaming console. We need to grow them from the inside out and not from the outside in’

Though this does not really help the situation, the Ministry of education needs to put control measures in place to curb the ‘skipping school’ practice. YTS member, Louie George went into a shop and noticed children in school uniforms around December 2014, playing video games during school hours.

The chines store is not concerned about the children being out of school at that time’ says Mr. George, ‘ he is making money out of innocent little children, and the kids should be either in school or at home.