Students urged to respect their hosts

Former Assistant Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) Masi Lomaloma has called on the Solomon Islands students studying in Fiji to show respect to their neighbours.

Lomaloma made the call yesterday after witnessing the unruly behavior of some intoxicated Solomon Islands students who are renting a house behind his home in Suva.

“These students have caused a series of incidents,” Lomaloma said.

He explained to the Sunday Star that one of the incidents occurred on July 7 and the other on July 8.

Lomaloma said the July 7 incident resulted in the injuring of a Fijian boy and this sparked a fight which was later defused upon intervention by the police and the July 8 incident resulted in his son and nephews being sworn at.

He said the incident started when some SI students, who had been drinking at the house they were occupying behind his house, swore at his son and nephews.

“They said something about my wife and daughter without knowing that my son understands and speaks pidgin very well and when they were asked about what they said, they swore at my son and his cousins and started a fight.

“I had to come in and intervene to stop the fight.”

Lomaloma said on both occasions the police were called to the scene.

“The party continued for the whole night and I had to call the Minister of Defense to get the Police to come as the police were not responding to our calls.

“Today (yesterday) I suspect that there was a fundraising event which we do not mind at all.

“What we are concerned about is the loud music and the shouting. This is what we are subjected to every time these students gather together in the house behind my house.

“These students are a disgrace and I just hope something is done to stop this nonsense.”

He said all that people in the neighbourhood need from the Solomon Islands students  is to show them  some respect.

“I consider myself a Solomon Islander and to be very frank I am indeed very ashamed.”

Lomaloma said the Solomon Islands students seem to think they are on a deserted Island where there are no other souls around.

He said comments made on social media by some of the Solomon students in Fiji that the students he was referring to were not from Solomon Islands are not true.

“The house behind my house is rented and occupied by Solomon Islands students. I have spoken to them and they told me that they are from Solomon Islands.

“I heard one of the students saying that his grandfather killed Mr Bell and this student is a law student.

“Was Bell killed in Vanuatu? Certainly not. I have lived in the Solomon Islands for 12 years and I know the difference between Solomon Islands pidgin and the Vanuatu bislama.

“I can confirm to you that these students are from the Solomon Islands.”

YTS News has confirmation that the Solomon Islands students rent the ground floor and the Vanuatu students rent the top floor of the same building.

Report by www.solomonstarnews.com