Sumtho: Kalsakau has breached court orders

During the first week of campaigns, UMP candidate  Sumtho campaign team has come out saying they will take Ishmael Kalsakau to court again because Kalsakau has breached the courts instruction not to campaign under the UMP banner.

During the campaign Sumtho team also told the people at Anamburu Park that there are instructions from the courts that Kalsakau has intentionally decided to ignore.

It is understood that the UMP President has agreed after negotiations for Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau to contest under the UMP banner.

The issue was taken to court by Ulrich Sumtho and the judge ruled that the matter be heard on February 2016 but whilst the court is yet to sit, Kalsakau cannot contest under the UMP banner unless approved by the UMP RCC for Port Vila.

The campaign team also told the public at Anamburu that Kalsakau is being run by some elements of Serge Vohor who do not take the interest of the Party nor the interest of the people at heart and they are all behind Kalsakau for their own self interest.