Susi Accused Leaking State Secrets

JAKARTA – Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti unceasingly get sharp criticism from several parties. After the case of cantrang being protested, now turn to the policy on publication of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data to Global Fishing Watch (GFW).

Susi told, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) in cooperation with Google to monitor the VMS which used by ship in Indonesia. The reason, many Indonesian-flagged ships that perform transhipment activities in the middle of ocean.

Global Fishing Watch is an online medium for viewing worldwide fisheries activities formed through cooperation between Google and two non-profit organizations SkyTruth and Oceana. Through Global Fishing Watch, anyone with an internet connection can see worldwide real-time fishing activities for free.

“And it turns out what we see in this VMS ship, a lot of thousands of Indonesian ships that strolled into the open sea, not to catch fish, but to catch on foreign ships in high seas,” she said at Jakarta, Monday (07/10).

In addition to transhipment, Susi said, they also avoided taxes and avoided regulating the regulations and exceeding the quota set for tuna fishing. Therefore, VMS data is published to allow transparency in fisheries management in the country.

“So, if there is a tilted voice, that this VMS, I am leaking the country’s secrets, that is wrong. VMS is opened, so people know we manage the fisheries with full responsibility and transpran. We do not want Indonesian marine incident taken by 10 companies alone years no one who knows,” she said.

This former boss of Susi Air was even criticized by several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and senior military officials regarding the opening of the VMS data. However, she emphasized that the management of fisheries under her control was carried out responsibly.

“I have to show what people are doing and what we are doing,” she said, adding that our natural resources are for the greatest prosperity of the people.

“No one should steal secretly, no longer,” she said.

As reported previously, Susi states officially opened the ship monitoring data or Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) through the Global Fishing Watch platform. The publication of this data is believed to ensure sustainable fisheries management, as well as enhancing supervision of fisheries activities in Indonesia through community participation.

The statement was delivered on the sidelines of the 2017 UN Marine Conference in New York, United States (US). On that occasion, Minister Susi also invited other UN member states to participate to open their VMS data for monitoring illegal activities unreported and unregulated Fishing (IUU), especially in the high seas.

“In order to ensure better fisheries management in the high seas, Indonesia has published VMS data openly through Global Fishing Watch, with VMS monitoring of activities of Indonesian fishing vessels, where the ships go and operating, as well as transshipment activities. A form of Indonesian support for transparent marine and fisheries management, and we invite other countries to do the same thing,” Susi said.