A swim on a erupting volcanic crater

A group of young daredevil on Ambae have taken a shot that many volcano enthusiast would just dream of.

As the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department announced the alert level 4 for the Manaro Volcano, the boys went up the hill to have a closer look and also one last swim before the volcano crater becomes totally inaccessible.

The boys took pictures around the lake and even went for a swim on an Alert Level 4 bulletin by theVanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department.

All this was happening as the North and West parts of the island was being evacuated.

The young boys went for a swim on Manaro Gesa, the pool next to Manaro Vui which was at that time erupting and on alert 4.

The young boys received a lot of criticism on social media but the feat performed will always serve as a daredevil record on Ambae Island.

However it is strongly advised that such feat are not safe and due to the amount of extreme danger involved everyone is asked not to take such risk.

Images of the boys are now circulating around Vanuatu and have gone viral.