Taiwan ends 36-year relations with Solomon Islands

Former bilateral partner to the Solomon Islands, Taiwan, has closed down its embassy in the Solomon Islands as of today.

The Taiwan President, Tsai Ing-wen issued a statement on the termination of diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands last night saying all technical and medical mission personnel stationed in the country are being recalled immediately.

President Tsai Ing-wen thanks all Taiwan Government personnel in the country for fighting bravely to save our diplomatic relationship.

Taiwan also ended a number of unfinished cooperative projects which are a loss for Solomon Islands people but this is the choice that Solomon Islands’ government has made, leaving Taiwan with no other option but to respond in this way.

Taiwan strongly condemns the Solomon Islands government’s decision to establish diplomatic relations with China as reported by SIBC.

President Tsai has accused China that for over the past few years, China has continually used financial and political pressure to suppress Taiwan’s international space.

SIBC has reported that President Tsai, has determined that in the face of China’s interference and suppression, Taiwan will not stand to be threatened, nor will we be subjected to ceaseless demands.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Embassy in Taipei has issued a statement to the Solomon Islands students studying in various universities in Taiwan, calling for a meeting with the executive committee members of the student body tomorrow.

Reports from SIBC state Solomon Islands student studying in Taiwan are shocked at the sudden bilateral switch saying, this decision comes at the expense of their future.

The news was a great shock especially to our students who have completed their studies and will be graduating this year.