Mi akri blo pem Income Tax (personal income) mo Corporate Tax (income blo smol kampani blo mi) SAPOS kavman emi save wok kolosap more wetem Reserve Bank mo ol top ‘economist’ blo yumi blo make sure se taem mi ko askem wan LOAN blo helpem mi blo invest (to create more employment) or expandem business blo mi, pai mi save kat wan janis blo kasem wan LOW INTEREST LOAN lo around 5% or 6%.

Olsem wanem, emia emi hard blo mekem? Plis ol teknikel man blo kavman mo Reserve Bank traem kivim sam tingting sapos emia emi posibol.

Sapos emi posibol, then pai mi sapotem Income Tax mo Coporate Tax !!


Julian Ligo


The current director for Yumi Toktok Stret. A strong advocator for the "internet" as a tool to support good governance. Currently promoting the internet as the tool to drive change and believes "media must play a better role in educating society"

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