TC Hola Disaster Zone’s declared over five islands

The Vanuatu Government through the COM has declared Disaster ZOne over five (5) priority areas identified in the assessment reports by NDMO. The five (5) zones include North, NW & NE Malekula; West Malo; Central Pentecost; SE & SW Ambae; and North Ambrym.

COM has also approved 92 million vatu be made available to respond to the TC Hola affected communities in the five priority areas.

VT51 million was allocated for food supplies, VT11 million forWASH, VT20 million for logistics and a further Vt10 million was allocated for shelter.

The COM has also approved the immediate distribution of relief materials to the TC Hola affected communities in the five priority areas

For parents in the affected area’s who depend a lot on farming to cater for school fees, the Vanuatu Government has also offered school fee exemption to students emanating from the five priority areas.

The COM also approved the offer for VAT exemption on building materials purchased from the VAT registered suppliers to the affected communities within the affected five (5) area’s.

The COM also appointed the Prime Minister’s Office to take the lead on coordinating recovery efforts.