“Thank you coach, you are a legend”

Vanuatu Cricket have posted remarks of appreciation to the Vanuatu National Team coach on their Facebookpage.

Vanuatu Cricket say “while the successes and achievements of the National team was due to a great team effort all due to Shane Deitz; the key driver behind the success of the boys. The man who works extremely hard day in and day out with the boys to make them the best cricketers they can be.”

Shane joined Vanuatu Cricket in October 2014 and was fundamental to the growth of the National Team. Not only did Shane bring an extremely broad and valuable skill set to the VCA (he coached in Bangladesh, the UK, Netherlands and New Zealand and played first-class cricket for South Australia), he also brought the right mind set and “can do” attitude to accelerate the development of the team.

Vanuatu Cricket state “Shane Deitz is a big supporter of the development of local and diverse talent and during his two years as High Performance Manager he accelerated the performance of the National team.”

Since Mr. Deitz arrival, Vanuatu won a Gold Medal in the 2015 Pacific Games and also the recent promotion to Division 4 and Silver Medal.

Vanuatu Cricket say this is “a brilliant achievement especially taking into account we played in Division 8 in 2010.”

Unfortunately, Shane was able to come back to Vanuatu with the Vanuatu Cricket Team.

However the Vanuatu Cricket Team management, the Team itself and all of Vanuatu want to say “Thank you coach, you are a legend”