The biggest achievement in 35 years

After 35 years everyone is asking what have we achieved. After a lot of lame looks, I decided to tell the story of an achievement by the “lukluk daon” generation.

The biggest development to ever grace our shores and change our life’s would be the mobile phone. The mobile phone is so small and you can hide it in your pocket, yet this one thing is the biggest development to have ever come to Vanuatu and the majority of the Vanuatu population do have a mobile.

I will list down a few milestones which the mobile phone has provided to this country Vanuatu.


The mobile phone has made people’s life’s easier by being able to access personal bank accounts wherever you are. It has allowed people to transfer money to families and friends. It has allowed people to buy credit online to communicate. 10 years ago this never existed but today, we can bank and transfer money through a mobile phone.


With the opportunities they offer for connection and communication, mobiles phones also transform ordinary citizens disenchanted by their governments, into activist for accountability and transparency. It ultimately allows the people to be watch dogs.

Mobile phones also allow people to record events and allow other people access via the many mediums on the internet that is view able by the rest of the world as they happened.

This 30th of July 2015 is the first time in history that all activities in Port Vila, Luganville, and Lenakel, the three Municipalities were seen as they happened via social media all through the use of a mobile phone. It kept us connected through our Independence celebrations.


Mobile phones have enabled a lot of children to have access to learn a lot of things via applications that can be shared from phone to phone. Ni-Van children with access to mobiles phones tend to understand better and faster.

As phones can also access the internet, for some people in Vanuatu, a phone has become a PC. It has become the computer you need which is stored in your pocket.


A mobile phone is storage for music and also can store music clips. In Vanuatu mobiles distribute music clips faster to a big audience and also enable downloading and sharing songs, photos and videos, as well as tweeting.

The music Industry though is yet to take advantage of the access.


Mobiles are the perfect tools for warning people before a disaster. It allows Governments to have its people ready before a disaster strikes and the Vanuatu Government like the Port Vila Municipal Council who have introduced early warning SMS system to alert it citizens.

The system can be improved as it can allow the Government to collect a great amount of data via a mobile network.


Mobile phones have made a huge difference in the lives of farmers shipping schedules and plane flight times are easily accessible. Farmers can now ship their products and wait a few days before getting on a plane to go to the towns to sell their produce.

It made farmers life a little easier because it allowed them to contact people to find out when ships will be porting their areas whereas before farmers have to go to the ports and sleep there a week waiting for a ship.

By serving as platforms for sharing weather information, market prices, and micro-insurance schemes, mobile phones are allowing the farmers to make better decisions, translating into higher-earning potentials. Farmers are able to send a text message to find out crop prices in places thousands of kilometres away.

The use of a mobile phone has now reached a high in Vanuatu. It has become the biggest single revolutionary to have happened to Vanuatu.

It is one of our biggest achievements to date. If we want to know what we have archived that is accessible to everyone, pick up your phone and take a good look at it. Yes it fits into your pocket and it seems every person in your home has one.