The government forms an investigation team to investigate the shooting of a priest in Papua

An investigation into the perpetrator of the shooting of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani who was killed in Papua is being carried out. The government has formed an investigation team into this case.

“This arbitrary action cannot be tolerated, must receive serious attention, and be thoroughly investigated in a transparent manner in a short time. The government is committed to safeguarding the right to justice of the deceased as an Indonesian citizen. Whoever the guilty party will be dealt with firmly”, said Deputy V Office Presidential staff, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani in a written statement, Monday (28/9/2020).

On this occasion, Jaleswari also expressed his sorrow for the death of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani, head of the Indonesian Bible Tent Church and the death of several TNI soldiers and civilians in the violence in the region.

“On behalf of the Indonesian government, I express my deep sorrow for the death of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani. The deceased is a community leader who has done a lot to serve Papuans. The government is also sorry for the death of TNI soldiers and civilians,” said Jaleswari.

Jaleswari also invited the community not to be provoked by this incident. “The government invites all parties to put forward a calm attitude and jointly maintain peace in the land of Papua,” he said.

Pastor Yeremia Zanambani died after being shot by KKSB members in Hitadipa, Papua. The TNI said the KKSB’s actions were to seek attention ahead of the main UN session.

Kapen Kogabwilhan III, Col. Czi IGN Suriastawa, said the KKSB members had spread slander that the TNI had carried out the shooting. In fact, said Suriastawa, the shooting was carried out by KKSB.

“As I said yesterday, they are looking for a moment to attract attention at the UN General Assembly at the end of this month. And this is what I am worried about, that the series of events in the past few days is their setting which was later twisted that the TNI shot the pastor. Their hope, this incident. so material at the UN General Assembly. I emphasize that this is all heinous slander from the KKSB, “said Suriastawa in a written statement, Sunday (20/9). [ detik.com ]