The Kings of Luganville

The Luganville Member of Parliament MP Kalvao Moli and his counterpart MP George Wells have lit up the streets of Luganville with vibrant topics that keep people cheering and clapping during the 2015 Municipality Elections Campaign.


With a down to earth approach and a keen sense or political prowess, Kalvao Moli and George Wells do prove there are masters of speech up the northern part of Vanuatu.


MP Moli entices the crowd with his attracting byline “Win Or Lose” followed by MP Wells clear descriptions of their opponents under the red roof who if present will feel as being Jesus on the cross.


The very charismatic leaders have made Luganville a place worth visiting to listen to political campaigns. Over 500 people turned up tp listen to their campaigns inside the Luganville town on one day when YTS was in Luganville.


At time’s you can clearly see through the people’s eyes that MP Kalvao Moli and MP George Wells are the Kings Of Luganville.