The Meaning Of Papua National Sports Week XX Logo and Mascot

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has launched the 2021 PON logo and mascot along with the inauguration of the Papuan DPR office.

For the logo, Papua Bangkit Stadium is used as a background with mountain ornaments and 3 circles. While the mascot, the 2021 PON Grand Committee uses 2 types of animals which are endemic to Papua.

The basic concept of the 2021 PON logo uses the Papua Bangkit Stadium which is a symbol of splendor in the field of Papuan people’s sports.

In front of the stadium picture, 3 triangles are depicted which indicate that Papua has many mountains and is interpreted as a wealth of abundant natural resources. Then, 3 circles with red, yellow and green colors represent achievement, sportsmanship and solidarity that will unite the people.

Meanwhile, the two animals used as mascots are the golden coat tree kangaroo and the bird of paradise.
Kangpho is the name of the mascot for the tree kangaroo, which has been popular as a typical Australian animal but is also found in Papua.

Kangpho is depicted wearing ruffles on the head and waist which is an oversized garment for both men and women. There is an engraving on the belt which is a typical Papuan design. On the front of the crown is also displayed a picture of a snowy mountain which is a picture of the peak of Mount Jayawijaya.

Then, another mascot that uses a bird of paradise is named Drawa. The bird of paradise or Paradisea reggiana is a medium-sized songbird and is an endemic animal native to Papua.

Like Kangpho, Drawa is also depicted wearing a crown and ruffles. On his chest is pinned a medal with a red and white rope which signifies togetherness in fighting for medals within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Drawa’s body is colored orange which symbolizes warmth, friendship and love.The yellow color on Drawa’s head is the original color of paradise, which symbolizes passion, warmth and joy.The number of wings, tails and fingers on Drawa’s two legs symbolizes the XX PON.

In addition to the logo and mascot, previously there was also a PON XX 2021 tagline, namely “Torang Bisa” (We Can Do It) The word is a typical Papuan encouragement that aims to inflame the fighting spirit of the athletes.