The Velit Bay Saga Explained by Will Harvey, Former Velit Bay Gm

Former Velit Bay GM Will Harvey has come out to explain a few things about Velit Bay Resort which now is up for sale.

Will Harvey says ‘up until September I was the estate manager at Velit Bay Plantation. I came out to Santo in June last year to look after the plantation for my uncle (Ronan) as I had visited Santo once before and fell in love with the place. The people were always so kind and friendly and the scenery was beautiful’.

My uncle allowed Eilon Mass to work in Velit Bay producing coconut oil. Eilon Mass lied about his intentions for Velit Bay. He threatened the Ni-Van staff with threats like this, stole cattle, fired my foreman Basil Anderson, stole items from the owners house, stole thousands of dollars in cash and tried to steal Velit Bay from my uncle. My uncle then kicked Eilon out of the plantation and since then Eilon has tried to cause problems for Velit Bay. This was well before I arrived to run the plantation.

Let me just point out that I only ever treated your people with respect. I had a team of 30 NiVan’s helping me to run the plantation and life was very good. The NiVan culture is so kind and friendly and I saw my workers as more than just work colleagues, a lot of them became my very close friends.

One Sunday afternoon I was doing some maintenance on the moorings in Velit Bay with my foreman Basil. I turned around and saw 6 trucks driving around the estate with approximately 60 NiVan’s on the back of them. They ran into my house and were stealing items. I drove the boat back in and Basil swam to the restaurant to collect his mobile phone to call for help. I drove the boat to the jetty and 10 NiVan’s from Kole village were waiting for me with a pickup truck.

I asked them why they were here and they demanded that I come with them to the police. I told them no at first but then one of the NiVan’s jumped onto the boat and punched me in the face. The rest of them then grabbed me and threw me into the back of the pickup truck. They punched me, kicked me, hit me with sticks, told me they were going to take me into the bush and tie me up. When the truck stopped at the entrance to velit bay I jumped out and tried to run away but the NiVan’s jumped out of the truck and chased me.

At this point Eilon Mass turns up at the gates in a taxi. I have never met him before but he seemed to know me and he was telling me to get out of Santo and go home. He told me I had no right to be in Vanuatu and had convinced the people from Kole village that I was a bad person when I did nothing wrong. He told the guys to beat me up and get me out of the way.

In the end all of my personal belongings were stolen and they have still not turned up. I am now back in the UK because I was afraid of my safety on Santo and this incident made Vanuatu go from a peaceful, safe paradise to somewhere I didn’t want to stay. Eilon also paid a taxi driver to shoot me and the taxi driver came foreward to talk to the police about it.

This Eilon Mass man is still at large in your country and it is only a matter of time until he causes problems for other people. My uncle is trying to show you that this man shoukd be removed from Vanuatu before he causes other problems for people who live there. He has no right to be in Vanuatu and is an illegal immigrant. Send him back to Israel or put him in jail where he belongs!
Mr Will Harvey beliefs the reason why Mr. Eilon Mass has lead attacks against him simply because ‘he blames my uncle for his wife leaving him (he was actually beating her terribly). He convinced Kole village to act on his behalf because he is friends with the Chief and the Kole Chie also had issue’s with Velit Bay owners as we would not allow them to collect sand from the beach in a 3 ton truck.

Mr. Mass told the kole village that they have every right to take my possessions! He is very clever at convincing people to do the wrong thing. The members of the village who were involved all pleaded guilty in court to the charges. They knew that what they had done was wrong after it happened.’

Mr. Harvey says another things that promted the villagers to raid the property was ‘Mass also produced a false court document saying that they were entitled to seize all property in velit bay and they believed him’ to which the Villagers thought everything was according to law until the courts proved other wise.

Mr. Will Harveys uncle, Ronan trained as an aircraft engineer with the RAF and post the RAF worked for an airline before developing his own network of business. In 1995 he moved Polydron International into G Site and he formed Delta Jets and became involved with the management of the airfield. Ronan, who had previously started, and developed the Northampton Balloon Festival, was the driving force behind the first civilian run Kemble Air Day in 1996 and the ‘architect’ of proposals for the future of Kemble leading to his purchase of the estate in March 2001.

His passion for the airfield and investment in it led to the opening of the AV8 Restaurant and CAA Licensing in 2002, the development of the annual Air Day to national event status and more recently the construction of 12 new GA hangars. Ronan, holds a twin aircraft rating, a helicopter licence, is an aerobatic pilot, and has flown solo in a Hunter jet. His other passion is sailing and he now lives in New Zealand. His daughter, Suzannah, joined the KAS Board in 2008. Kemble is known today as Cotswold Airport and is owned by Ronan Harvey.