Are Triads being awareded Vanuatu Citizenship?

Three Foreigners with Criminal Backgrounds to Be Awarded Vanuatu Citizenship

There is mounting concerns over the Citizenship Commissions handling of awarding citizenship to three individuals with very reputed backgrounds.

In the latest case as reported to Yumi Toktok Stret, 3 Asians with full flexed connections to triads both in Asia and in the US have names in the Citizenship Commission list and are to be granted Vanuatu Citizenship.

Three names though that have appeared have been flagged in other countries around the world.

Among the three is a certain Mr. Tang, who is an associate of the 14K Triad, a gang operating in the USA and was charged and found guilty of operating an illegal gambling business and also prosecuted for transmission of wagering information.

There is also a Mr. HU, who is was imprisoned for embezzlement and the third individual is a certain Mr. WEI who is a known criminal in the United Kingdom who was imprisoned for money laundering.

These three individuals all have their applications before the Citizenship Commissions and all have not gone through a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) background check and are said to be priority to be awarded Vanuatu Citizenship.

Authorities in Vanuatu however are encouraged to not allow these three individuals into the country no matter if they are willing to pay for citizenship.

There is evidence that agents representing Vanuatu did ask the Government to operate outside its perimeters to allow the citizenships to be granted however the Vanuatu Government did not agree to this and say all applications must follow process.

The case continues and Yumi Toktok Stret will provide updated reports.