With the ongoing dispute and comments being made about the Headquarters of Penama Province being relocated back to the Island of Ambae, Environmental Scientist Robson Tigona has come out with some clarifications.

Tigona says “a lot of people say Tanna Island has an active volcano and host the Tafea Province HQ which is true however Yasur cannot be compared to Lombenben Volcano.”

“Yasur Volcano is a small Volcanoe compared to Lobenben Volcano” says Tigona.

“It takes 10 minutes to climb to the top of Yasur and look down to see the fire but with Lombenben it takes half a day just to get to the top of the Volcano Mountain and once on top, you have to walk across the plains just to look down into the crater.”

Mr Tigona also stated that “Mount Lombenben is higher than the highest mountain in Fiji.”

In comparison to the risk the Lombenben Volcano poses as argued by most people after COM approved the Penama Headquarters to be moved back to Ambae, Tigona says “we cannot compare Yasur with Lombenben as Lombenben is too big”

The Penama Province Headquarters moved to Pentecost after Lombenben erupted sending all of its 14,000 inhabitants fleeing for their lives.