Torba missing boys found at sea

The 3 boys who were reported missing up in Torba Province have been spotted and are alive east of Banks Group of Islands.

Rescue is currently underway.

The 3 boys were spotted by Dr. Turnbull who joined the search with his plane.

VBTC’s Edgar Howard reported the 3 boys went fishing on Friday in a small boat around 2.30pm and never returned after a search party of banana boats deployed around the area.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) involved the Flying Doctor on Saturday and despite heavy rain, the Dr. Turnbull came back with good news that they were found alive.

Rescue is now underway organized by local authorities.

The boys are from Nerenigman village on the island of Motalava in the Banks Islands.


The boys were finally rescued by Torba Province station police. Rescuers depart Motalava at 14.12pm today Sunday 16 2021.