Torres Islands Fisheries Authorize Officers appointed

As of Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021, Vanuatu Government through the Vanuatu Fisheries Department (VFD) has officially appointed new Fisheries Community Based Authorized Officers (CBAO) respectively for Hiu, Loh, Tegua, Metoma and Toga islands, in the Torres group.

Loh island chief, Michael Adam, who is also the Secretary of Torres Area Council of Chiefs thanked the VFD Director and the Government, in recognizing the need to conserve and have sustainable Marine and Coastal resources for Torres by appointing their very own CBAO.

“The Appointment comes under the Decentralization Policy of the current Government, as the new CBAO will look
work under the TORBA Provincial Government, by serving the Area Council for the 5 Torres islands,” VFD’s Principal Monitoring, control, and surveillance (MCS) officer, Yakar Silas said.

“The Government through the VFD will continue to train and appoint more CBAO throughout Vanuatu to work under the Area Councils, to make sure that we have good management and monitoring of our Marine and Coastal resources, for us to enjoy now and for our kids to enjoy in the future, “Silas said.

CBAO, basically are the ears and eyes of the Vanuatu Government in the islands, and they make sure that all the marine regulated species, like sea turtles, sea cucumbers, rock, Coconut Crabs, etc., are harvested according to the regulated size limits and quotas.

Not only that, they represent VFD in their Community.

The Appointment of the Community Based Fisheries Authorized Officer comes under the Fisheries Act Number 10 of 2014.