Tourism DG: The Seafront beautification was developed for families

The DG for Tourism, George Borugu is raising his concern on the use of Seafront by the Port Vila Municipality Council – PVMC, and is questioning PVMC as to why they are continuing to allow the seafront marina to be used as a dock for boat business.

DG Borugu says “This is a huge beautification project, developed and provided for the ordinary families in Port Vila”

“If the intention had been to create a marina for businesses the design would have been totally different” say Borugu.

“The design however was aimed at providing the many families in Port Vila who cannot afford to access beaches around the island of Efate, a place to enjoy”

The Tourism DG says “the Vanuatu Government did not spend a lot of money to build a beautification site for PVMC to come run its businesses and PVMC should seriously consider stoping the current activities.”

The DG is asking everyone to provide their opinions as the Ministry of Trade & Tourism has raised their concerns to PVMC already but nothing has happened.

Borugu says “PVMC must consider that Vanuatu and donor partners did not fund and build a beatification project for PVMC business but for the public enjoyment.”