Kava transportations cost on the rise

The sudden rise with Kava rates around Vanuatu has seen transport cost also going up.

Farmers throughout Vanuatu have pushed for the increase of Kava rates from VT600 to VT1500 and though a set rate has never been set, kava prices still fluctuate.

The latest development to this rise has now seen transport operators raise their rates.

YTSNews has confirmation that ships now charge between VT1500 to VT3000 Vatu per bag Kava.

Given the on land transport cost at VT3000 per trip, the Kava business is becoming very expensive for farmers and buyers alike.

The question remains if the Government will ever try to regulate Kava trading and set some standards as guidelines for a minimal rate for kava purchase to ensure there is a reasonable rate for both purchaser and supplier.

Mass production of kava can however lower the rates and provide better options for the transport industry to also set reasonable rates with it’s operations.

There is however wide concern among consumers that if the kava prices keep raising, transport rates will rise and quality productions at Nakamal’s for consumers will drop as it is currently happening.

Though Vanuatu has yet to introduce quality control for the Kava industry especially for the juice consumption, it will only be a matter of time before the kava business will start to see the effects of over charging consumers for kava that is not of quality keeping in mind we do not yet have a measurement nor control system for kava juice..

The number of people consuming kava is starting to drop and the issue of Kava Bars providing ‘wota kava’ is becoming a everyday concern and for Vanuatu Kava, this is not good, as this issue’s is starting to make people spend less money on kava.

With the sudden increase in transport cost, the quantity of kava in a shell will reduce to make room for kava bar owners to make some profits but it also mean that maybe the kava will lose quality.