Trump Jr. Now Tied To Banker Behind Russian Money Laundering Scheme

A report by The Stern Facts website indicates Donald Trump Jr. has a direct, personal connection to the central figure in multiple money laundering cases involving Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, UK, Seychelles Islands, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico and the United States.

Donald Trump Jr. gave a paid speech to Baltic International Bank’s annual conference in 2012 and now he’s blocking people on Twitter who discuss the trip — and his meeting in Riga with its founder — the controversial Latvian banker and former-British football club executive Valērijs Belokoņs aka Valeri Belokon.

Baltic International Bank has branches in Moscow, Latvia, Ukraine and London.

It turns out that Baltic International Bank has been named as a Mexican cartel money laundering agent, is subject of a criminal inquiry in another former Soviet state Kyrgyzstan, plus Valeri Belokon’s partners in Blackpool F.C. accuse the banker of pumping dirty cash into their one-time British Premier League football club.

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