TVL to Launch New Fiber Link in Luganville Tomorrow

Telecom Vanuatu Limited will launch their new fiber link in Luganville during ICT day celebrations in Santo tomorrow.

Telecom Vanuatu is launching their new fiber link tomorrow during ICT Day in Luganville.

The main reason behind the upgrade to fiber is its efficiency compare to current copper landlines, and fiber substitute will be beneficial for their customers in CBD along the main highway from TVL house near Sarakata to Shell area next to Samansen wharf.

The long established telecommunication provider takes advantage of many business links in Port Vila and Luganville’s CBD as the only landline – copper and fiber-optic provider.

“Currently we are experiencing connection issues with our copper cables during rainy weather conditions, affecting the link quality and we want to improve this service for our customers”, says National Sales Manager, Palash Bwomik.

In 2007, Vanuatu ended its telecommunication monopoly allowing other telcos to establish service and Digicel immediately came to dominate mobile coverage on the archipelago after TVL’s ‘Smile’ network.

Behind their heels, ‘Smile’ managed to expand their network giving the islanders a 50-50 choice, more competitive values, but from rural perspective, both serves to bridge the digital divide and are improving the livelihood of the people.

I have the opportunity to tour east Santo today with TVL’s national sales manager, Mr. Palash Bwomik from India, to assess their mobile customer base, so they can improve the service for Port Olry and Hog Harbour.

Kids playing at Port Olry
Kids playing at Port Olry”

“TVL’s presence at Port Olry which holds the second highest population of a village after Mele on Efate, has been quiet for sometime and now we are looking at strengthening our customer base here again”, says sales consultant Ms. Esther Mahit.

‘Smile’ were first to establish mobile presence at Port Olry, but their weakness stretched to and around Hog Harbour due to their only mobile tower signal is badly affected by distance and mountains.

Palash and Esther at a retailer in Port Olry
Palash, Esther and Lorence at a retailer in Port Olry

“We have already surveyed a new site on elephant island outside Hog Harbour and the new tower should improve our network coverage for both villages”, she said.

Tomorrow for ICT day at La Plage, TVL will be launching their new fiber link and also showcasing their products including mobile smartphones, mobile devices for residential use, and also their Flybox promotion – 3G indoor unit with 30Gb data allowance and 1mbps speed at 12,000vt and 7,000vt per month.