The debating chamber in Vanuatu's unicameral 52-seat parliament. Photo: www.nigel-roberts.info

Ultimatum Given to Samsen to Summon Parliament

The opposition bloc has given an ultimatum to first deputy speaker of parliament MP Samson to summon the parliament by 4.30pm tomorrow to meet for the second ordinary session of 2015 or face a constitutional case.

The bloc argues to proceed according to the constitution and standing order of the Parliament, Article 21(1) of the constitution, “Parliament shall meet twice a year in ordinary session”, and at the moment Parliament has only met once for its first ordinary session.

Standing order 12(3), “The second ordinary session of Parliament shall commence in the middle of the month of August on a date determined by the Speaker, after consultation with Prime Minister”

Photo: The debating chamber in Vanuatu’s unicameral 52-seat parliament by www.nigel-roberts.info