Urgent Application to have Mr. Zeng Wuwei released fails

An Urgent Application to have Mr. Zeng Wuwei released from Immigration custody failed yesterday after Wuwei and his lawyer failed to turn up in court.

Mr. Wuwei has reportedly sued all Supreme Court judges including Acting Chief Magistrate Anna Laloyer.

Florence Williams from State Law who applied to be a party on Mr. Wuwei case told the Magistrates’ Court that Justice Stephen Felix is the only one eligible to hear the case since he is not facing the case.

Chief Magistrate Laloyer said that Wuwei has the right to file any case but to her, the Canadian has no status in this country and any bail should seek the Supreme Court opinion.

She made her intentions clear that she would never give bail to Wuwei.

She said that according to the Criminal Procedure Code, Wuwei has no status in Vanuatu since the court failed his case and declared him an illegal immigrant in the country.

When the court adjourned, Mr. Wuwei came with the authorities claiming he was in court in the morning but was advised that his case has already been heard and the Immigration has successfully applied for an extension of his custody while working on his deportation clearance.

Mr. Wuwei says the Vanuatu Immigration law provides means for any immigrant to be tried within a reasonable time unlike his case that has been prolonged for almost two weeks now and he has been watched around the clock since then.

He claims his rights were violated and infringed and there must be something somewhere that has been overlooked by the authorities.

Mr. Wuwei has never attended any of his hearing in relation to his deportation since his arrest and until today he is still raising that he was arrested without a warrant since March 29, 2019.

It is understood that Immigration failed to obtain an airline clearance for Mr Wuwei to Vancouver via Auckland with Air New Zealand despite their application.

Sources reliably confirmed that the Vanuatu Government is looking for clearance from other airlines and any positive answer from any airline at any time will see Wuwei expelled from the country.

A Mrs. Pan Ling Yi who claims to be Mr Wuwei’s wife has said that her husband is still in custody and it is unfair to keep him without a bail hearing, unlawful and unconstitutional treated by Vanuatu Government and its agents.

She claimed that her husband’s urgent bail application has been delayed until yesterday and this issue has been reported to Canadian High Commission in Australia through its agents her in the country. Mrs Yi said that the officers of Australian High Commission in Vanuatu have visited her husband on behalf of the Canadian High Commission in Australia.

She said that her husband has requested further action to the Canadian government. She said that she had engaged a lawyer to deal with Wuwei case but the authorities still refused him and don’t want to meet him.