Vaccine Program for Papuans

Hundreds of Serui residents were enthusiastic about participating in the Covid-19 vaccination program at the office and home of the Yapen Islands Regency Regent, Papua, Monday 5 July 2021.

Residents queued in an orderly manner to get their turn to inject the Covid-19 vaccine. A program held by the Yapen Islands Regional Government to realize the Indonesia Vaccine Program.

An elderly resident, Mardi Sigiro, admitted that he was following the Covid-19 vaccine to maintain immunity so that he would not be exposed to the corona virus. He was also very excited about getting vaccinated even though he was not young anymore.

“If it is centralized in the regent’s office, it is very good, we are no longer confused about where to get the vaccine, the service of the officers is good,” said the 68-year-old grandfather.

The Deputy Regent of Yapen Islands, Frans Sanadi, appreciated the residents who came to be vaccinated. According to him, this activity was held in the office and home of the regent so that the public could easily access the vaccination process.

“So you don’t need to bring the requirements, just bring yourself and your ID card, complete blood tests for all local governments that are prepared. I am very happy that there are many people who are present this morning, let’s work together to make the vaccine in Yapen successful,” he said.

Head of the Yapen Islands Health Service Karolis Tanawani added that his party had prepared 500 doses of Sinovac vaccine. This free vaccination will last for two days.

“Currently we are targeting 500 vaccines. For people who want vaccines, there has been quite a lot of interest from residents since 9 this morning, our efforts to increase the number of people who are vaccinated will continue to be carried out,” he said