Vanua’aku Pati celebrates its 44th Anniversary

From very humble beginnings till to yesterday the 17th of July 2015, Vanua’aku Pati Pati has now reached 44 years since it’s formation.

In a simple ceremony by the Vanua’aku Pati executives, Pati MPs, and Pati Councilors and supporters at the VP Office in Port Vila yesterday, the 44th birthday was kept small and quite in remembrance to late Vanua’aku Pati President Edward Nipake Natapei, who has passed away last month.

The VP deputy President MP Joe Natuman in his opening remarks stated “There is a seat here besides me and this seat will be vacant until the next VP Congress to choose our next president but till then this seat will always be empty to remember our late President”

Natuman asked all present to remember the late Natapei and observe the respect owed to the late leader. Also in attendance are the Port Vila Municipal Councilors and the Port Vila Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptho, who came to pay respect to VP for electing him to be mayor.

VP National coordinator Avio Roberts summed up Vanua’aku Pati with this words “Vanua’aku Pati has its roots embedded into the word freedom, because today when you talk about freedom or independence in Vanuatu, the name Vanua’aku Pati will always be what our people will see in our minds and hearts”

To conclude the evening VP deputy Natuman reiterated the importance of the reunification road for the nationalist parties and the moderate parties. “We will face challenges but must ensure to overcome challenges as we did with the Independence challenge. We are a nation who know how to struggle and win and we must always maintain our course on the reunification process and win”

Natuman continued that “though we have split up into different groupings, VP no matter what situation will always respect other parties and we are thankful for their participation with VP in our nation’s progress”

The ceremony witnessed the cutting of the anniversary cake by the VP deputy, shared with juice, Champagne and kava to mark the 44th anniversary of Vanua’aku Pati, Vanuatu’s biggest political party.