Vanua’aku Pati Humanitarian Appeal For Ambae

The Vanua’aku Pati in close collaboration with the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) is organising an appeal to raise funds to support the ongoing relief efforts for the Volcano disaster on Ambae.

The humanitarian appeal for the People of Ambae will be staged this Friday 20th April 2018 and all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Ambae’s Lombwenben Volcano has been spewing out ash and gases since mid-march this year and as a result, ash has fallen on residential and agricultural regions of the island, contaminating water, supplies and creating a hazard for people living on the island.

The government has since declared a state of emergency on Ambae Island and as it is quite apparent the island is increasingly becoming uninhabitable due to the continuing volcanic activity.

It has, therefore, become obvious that the continuing activity of the volcano will have dire consequences on families on Ambae. Families will find it difficult to make ends meet as the ash fall continues to affect their daily livelihood.

It has also become quite imminent that majority of Ambae population would have no alternative but to accept to be relocated to other islands within Vanuatu.

The Vanua’aku Pati Head Office is appealing to the whole population of Port Vila to turn up on Friday 20 April 2018 to support a Wheelbarrow Push Driver, which is being coordinated in collaboration with the PVMC and Vanuatu Red Cross.

“One cannot turn a blind eye on the people of Ambae, and the circumstances they are facing as a result of the Ambae Volcanic eruption which has been spewing out ashes and gases for over a month.

“In times like these, it is always the vulnerable sections of our communities  being the women, the children and the elderly, that are most affected, and it is only appropriate that we do whatever is necessary to assist the families to cope in the most difficult circumstances,” stated VP National Coordinator, Avio Roberts

Vanua’aku Pati is appealing to the people of Port Vila to support this humanitarian cause because disaster goes beyond anything else. The organizers are appealing to the residents of Port Vila to turn up in numbers to support this common cause by donating cash and in-kind.

“Port Vila residents, including the public and business houses are urged to make cash donations freely or in-kind. All the donations collected as a result of the humanitarian appeal will be handed over before close-of-business at the end of the day to the Vanuatu Red Cross Society who would then distribute to Ambaeans,” concluded Roberts.

The Vanua’aku Pati Kam-bak Wheelbarrow Push Drive for Ambae will begin from both northern and southern ends of Port Vila at around 8 O’clock in the morning and will end up at the Port Vila Sea Front Stage.

Alternatively, Port Vila residents can contact Mr. Avio Roberts and Mr. Fred Vurobaravu on phones 7775012 or 7799922 or email aroberts@vanuatu.gov.vu for further queries on this fundraiser appeal.

The fundraiser will close at around 3pm the same day.

Image by William Mala