Vanua’aku Pati Office Assist Yts Newspaper

The Vanuuaku Party Office through VP President Edward Natapei, have proudly sponsored the printing of the first YTS Newspaper issue.

VP President, Natapei made the handing over to YTS reps at his home in Port Vila and reminded the YTS News team that ‘media has a very pivotal role to play in society’.

Mr. Natapei when handing over the VT125, 000 to YTS reps added, ‘VP have been instrumental in building and avocating for free speech, and the freedom of opinion. It is important to allow people to say what they think and I think YTS, a youth Newspaper will play a vital role in this idea.’

Sponsor also included NUP SG, MP James Bule, GJP President Ralph Regenvanu, UMP Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh and a very dedicated team at the PMs Office led by the Government PRO who financially supported the initiatives.

The Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper though is still trying to find its footing in the industry. Marked to become one of Vanuatu’s leading Media organisations because of its strong social network online, the Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper will be a different perspective in its editorial line.

MP Natapei commented ‘social media has taken the world by a storm and in Vanuatu, the Yumi Toktok Stret Forum has also taken the nation by a surprise after producing a newspaper. It is a good thing as it allows youths to have more of a say, and encourages dialoque plus I like the live discussions on facebook’.

NUP SG, MP James Bule at one time, went as far as taking the youths to be formally authorised by a political ‘executive’ to push social media as a tool to educate young people on issues that affect their lives. MP Bule is an elder and one of his youth leaders at the Beverly Hills church is YTS Founder Witnol Benko.

In the 2014 by-elections they ‘shocked’ Vanuatu politics by introducing to Vanuatu, the first ever cyber candidate. Youths have always maintained that ‘education is vital for Vanuatu’ and that young people are the ‘change we need and seek, but we need to teach them right’.

A lot of politicians use YTS to maintain political status and popularity. YTS admins alo agree that there are confusions to who owns the forum. The admins say ‘YTS belongs to its members’. We have introduced a Newspaper to be another arm for this forum and also generate some needed funds to keep this forum alive’.

The Publisher for YTS newspaper says ‘It will take us maybe 3 months to finally settle on the editorial line, but we hope to have a content that is interesting, that not only educates but also captures peoples imagination’.

The editor of YTS Newspaper continued that ‘the YTS newspaper will take quite a while to settle in its content as the idea would be ‘it is the internet on paper’ but also has essence of Vanuatu through local articles. ‘We want to breed a non-conventional style to media reporting’.

The Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper is the first Newqspaper in the pacific region to have built it’s own online audience then went on to producing a newspaper.

The concept employed is praised by some media experts in the pacific as it automatically gives YTS Newspaper a competitive edge in the market as ‘social media’ has the biggest and fastest network in getting news, getting leads, and has live discussions which ultimately present the YTS forum as a ‘live interview’ media room.

Its is a challenge say YTS GM John Maseiras, ‘as we are still trying to find our footing but should be ok once everything is in motion. I think we are very lucky to have our leaders especially the PM Natuman and MP Natapei along with leaders in the government and the opposition who have given us their blessings and also provided us finnacial support.

The GM continued that YTS has an Office up at Nambatu but ‘I also apologize for delays in the issue since we are still trying to sort out our printers’ but are thankful for Daily Post in its offer to print for us’.