Vanuatu declares state of emergency on Ambae

The Vanuatu Government Council of Minister – COM has called an urgent sitting on the 25th of September 2017 and has resolved that the President of the Republic of Vanuatu declare a State Of Emergency – SOE on Ambae Island.

As local authorities continue to evacuate people on Ambae, the Manaro Volcano continues to erupt and continues to remain on alert 4 status.

The Vanuatu Government’s decision will now allow relief and emergency response to be made available to the people of Ambae.

Evacuations have been continuing via ships from the southern parts of the island and stretching to the northern parts as of today and with the SOE now activated, will also empower local authorities to move into some parts of the island and evacuate people who do not want to move.

With the SOE in place response units from NGO’s are now also activated and should respond to support with food and medical supplies.

Thousand are being evacuated and the population around North Ambae is already relocated to safe area’s.

West of Ambae is greatly affected and as residents are being relocated ash fall still continuous and seems to be intensifying according to locals.

The southern parts of the island was evacuated by both ships and vehicles.