Vanuatu Farmer wins UN Farming Award

Samson Mahit from Vanuatu is among the five people from Asia Pacific who are winners of the UN Farming Awards.

Mr Mahit is among three women and two men awarded the UN Farming Award.

Mr. Mahit is being awarded for promoting fair markets where he sells his pineapples at lower prices to villagers, higher prices to supermarkets and hotels, and gives away fruit and vegetables to the impoverished.

The award coincides largely with the relentless efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture under Minister Matai Seremiah, who undoubtedly changed the face of Agriculture in Vanuatu.

Minister Seremiah has concentrated on improving farming for the local markets and has made sure his Ministry not only promote but support farmers meet domestic demand before export.

Seremiah though at times shy of accepting credit for the revolution happening now in Agriculture through restocking programs in different sectors, must be credited for his steadfast stand on improving the local market as one factor to the recent UN award to a Vanuatu farmer is “Fair Prices” which is a goal Seremiah strives to achieve.

With the introduction of the “Food Basket” program, the Ministry of Agriculture is indeed paving the way forward for mass production, something Vanuatu has never seen nor engaged in before.

The UN Farming Award is also a first for Vanuatu and this is indeed a celebration for the Vanuatu Government and it’s people.