Vanuatu Introduces ‘the Internet on a Paper’

PM Joe Natuman
PM Joe Natuman


“The internet on a paper” is the conceptual editorial line the Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper is introducing to Vanuatu and also to the World. The concept as presented by Yumi Toktok Stret allows citizens of Vanuatu especially young people who do not have access to the internet a chance to participate and be part of discussions that his/her fellow citizens or youths are part of in the cyber world.

Director of Yumi Toktok Stret, Julian Ligo, when presenting the concept to PM Natuman says ‘providing content on Social Media to Print Media will allow citizens especially Youths who do not have access to the internet the chance first hand to read about issues that are debated by the population who are online, who do have access to information and who do interact freely with thousands of others in providing opinions, thoughts, and who also provide information on issues that affect Vanuatu’.

Mr. Ligo continued that ‘Information flows easily and freely through the Internet, and with the fast and boisterous young population boom, the need to engage the bigger proportion of our population to be part of Vanuatu’s development plans is eminent and Media can be a tool to empower youths to be the drive for change and developments given they are provided the right kind of information’s’.

Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper is managed by John Maseiras who is steadily recruiting his journalist and setting up office. Mr. Maseiras says ‘the offices have just taken shape but we do look forward to gaining more sponsorship to improving the offices’. There are challenges say Maseiras, but we look to overcome this challenges as we go along’.

The Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper though says Maseiras ‘has finally found its editorial line and also created history for Vanuatu’. The ‘Internet on a paper’ takes all content, local, regional, and international, from the internet, blending this content with Traditional Media code of ethics to provide a balanced view or opinion or facts through social media interview rooms which are the first in Vanuatu and also through email, skype and other social applications. Mr. Maseiras added that ‘though we have just begin, we are looking to designing customized applications for the media industry in Vanuatu. The Government has funded enough graduates in IT which has become our advantage and we look to logically build our own media apps’

Maseiras also said that ‘with regards to Government policies in ICT, we think we may provide our government an option to getting people informed on a large scale to what ICT and its benefits can do to improve our peoples living standards’.

Mr. Ligo says ‘the empowerment program is created specifically to ‘traffic’ News into the communities and out of the communities. The plan is to link Vanuatu’s diverse neighbourhoods with a mash-up of investigative journalism, community outreach and newspapers delivered by bicycle to spark conversations around under-reported but important urban and rural issues.

The first riders numbering 113 bikes have been registered in the Mele-Maat Village and will operate from Mele Maat to Mele Village. They will operate on a 50% commission. Bicycle delivery can be energy efficient and environmentally friendly tool to get reporting from the community’s into print media, plus try to provide News into the hands of large numbers of local readers.

PM Natuman say information is very important to a developing nation like Vanuatu. Mr. Natuman says ‘the idea of presenting the internet on a paper is unique and Vanuatu intrduces this concept to allow a ‘unique’ communications link to communities, and we need our people to recieve good information.

Julian Ligo with PM Natuman
Julian Ligo with PM Natuman

PM Natuman when recieving the Concept said ‘‘We want to try reach the ‘Void’ areas that do exist and provide means to get them news but also get ‘out’ from them news about themselves and in introducing this concept I hope we can archieve this’.

“I encourage you to continue with the concept and we will launch everything in the coming weeks” continued Natuman. “Keep in mind that Information is a key to prosperity and our communities must always be kept informed with well-directed and well-received information that can educate, empower and enrich their livelihood and wellbeing’.

The PM will officially launch the Yumi Toktok Stret Newspaper in March 2015.