Vanuatu is planting its seeds for its future, through the Pacific Mini Games legacy Plan.

“The champions program is not about the Games, it’s about our future! The launch of this program marks the planting of new seeds that will lead us to the Games in December. Today we start to feel the passion of the Games, feeling of joy, the excitement, but most importantly to have a legacy after the Games that we want to advocate and promote!”

The Minister of Education and Training Jean Pierre Nirua made this statement before he officially launched the Champions program in Port Vila on the 15th of June at Freswota Bilingual School.

Minister Nirua said he is happy to see that the Van2017 Organizing committee has given importance to children’s education with the Games, through its initiative of introducing the Games Legacy plan.

Van2017 CEO Clint Flood added to the Minister’s Statement by saying “The Champions Program is not about the next 169 days, it’s about the next 20 years! What we are doing with the vision of the Government of Vanuatu hosting this Games, is providing not just a legacy that stands at Korman, but the legacy of the youth in these children! The lessons that you are going to learn in the next 20 weeks, about the Champions Program, are the lessons that you will keep with you the rest of your life! Whether you ever represent your country on the track, ever win a medal, you are already a champion because you are going to make a change in the next 20 to 50 years in the future of this country”.

That was Clint Flood’s remark at the launching of Champions Program at Freshwota School in Port Vila.

Standing in front of them, over one thousand six hundred school children were told by Mr Flood that this program is very important to them in the way that they are the future of this country, and that they are the ones who will become champions not only in Sports, but in being a leader, a teacher, an administrator, a doctor.

The Van2017 CEO acknowledged the support of the Vanuatu Government and Ministry of Education and Training, the Australian High Commission, the Pacific Mini Games Sponsors, Freswota Bilingual School, Van2017 Staff and all who contributed to the implementation of this Champions program.