Vanuatu Kava exports to NC expected to be put on hold as traces of banned chemical found

Reports from Noumea say Kava export from Vanuatu to New Caledonia is expected to to be put on hold after a banned chemical was found on kava exported from Vanuatu.

Kava exporters in Vanuatu who have been notified of the issue say “the situation can affect kava exports and must be seriously addressed”

Traces of the banned chemical, Bromomethane, was found on kava exported from Luganville, Santo. The chemical was used extensively worldwide as a pesticide until being phased out by most countries in the early 2000s due to the fact that it is a recognized ozone-depleting chemical and it is banned in most countries around the world.

Exporters say “there is a worry as if the hold eventuates into a complete ban, both Governments will have to renegotiate the export conditions and terms again and could result in Vanuatu kava having restrictions placed on export volumes”

The situation is still unclear but an Inspector is expected to arrive in Luganville soon to investigate the issue further as it is understood the banned chemical might have been used in the fumigation process.

Kava dealers in Noumea have confirmed that there is the word out about the hold on kava export from Vanuatu but are unclear yet as to how long it will last.

It is not yet clear as to whether the BIo Hazard Department do know about the hold on Vanuatu Kava Exports.

An inspector is expected to arrive in Luganville from Noumea to further assess the situation.