Vanuatu and Kosovo reaffirm commitment to strengthening bilateral relations

Ambassador of Kosovo, Sabri Kiçmari, on the second day of the official visit to Vanuatu, met with senior officials of this country, where he talked about the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries in the field of education, trade, tourism and sport.

Vanuatu’s acting Prime Minister Joe Natuman has reaffirmed the support of the state of Kosovo as part of Vanuatu’s foreign policy in support of peoples fighting for freedom and independence.

Ambassador Kiçmari thanked Prime Minister Joe Natuman for his extraordinary role, despite strong lobbying, recognition of Kosovo at the time when he was foreign minister, and the linking of diplomatic relations between the two countries, promising that Will engage the relationship between the two countries to deepen in areas of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, Vanuatu’s Foreign Minister Bruno Leingkone Tau has reaffirmed the supportive stance for Kosovo’s integration into international structures and organizations.

Ambassador Kiçmari thanked the Foreign Minister for supporting the Government of Vanuatu on the occasion of voting for Kosovo’s accession to UNESCO and for a standard line of comprehensive support for Kosovo, despite the great geographical distance.

Minister Tau and Ambassador Kixmar have identified cooperation between the two countries as supporting each other in international structures, and exploring opportunities for cooperation in the fields of education, trade, tourism and sport.

While meetings with the Minister of Education and Youth and Sports discussed the possibilities of exchanges between the two countries in these areas.

Source: botasot