Vanuatu private sector frustrated by govt’s insistence on tax reforms

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce says there is a lot of frustration in the private sector over the government’s insistence on pursuing its controversial tax reforms.

News reports from RNZ say the new tax plan, which would see the introduction of income tax and corporate tax, was submitted to the council of ministers on Friday last week.

It said despite widespread opposition to the reforms the plan was submitted virtually unchanged to the Finance Minister Gaetan Pikioune and if passed will come into force in July next year.

The general manager of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce Astrid Boulekone says it was disappointing that the government had not taken the views and alternatives proposed by the private sector into consideration.

“It is very frustrating and difficult for businesses here in Vanuatu because now we know that whatever positions or proposals that the government put forward it’s going to be taken into consideration,” Ms Boulekone said.

“There are initiatives or ideas that we have put forward that should be taken on merit and being taken into account but essentially this has not been done,” she said.

Source: RNZ