Vanuatu Rural Electrification Programme (VREP II)

Through the second phase of the Vanuatu Rural Electrification Programme (VREP II), New Zealand alongside the Vanuatu Department of Energy and World Bank are working together to promote access to affordable, safe, and reliable renewable energy in Vanuatu.

VREP II will provide subsidized renewable energy systems to households and ensure the vendors have the technical and qualified personnel within the companies to support the design, certification and installation of the systems, so they provide the best performance for those that purchase them.

Five mini-grids will also be constructed as part of the project to provide better electricity generation for off-grid communities and public institutions.

VREP II aims to provide access to electricity for another 8400 rural households until 2022, which combined with VREP I, will mean that over 50% of Vanuatu’s people will have access to renewable energy.