The Vanuatu Government has placed travel restrictions to its officials and citizens to Asian countries.

Donald Pelam from the Ministry of Health says the “Public Service Commission has suspended all travels by Public servants to China and other specified Asian countries.”

Mr Pelam also added that “this travel suspension by authorities also applies to all residents of Vanuatu.”

Pelam who is Acting Director at the Ministry of Health says “Vanuatu has setup a Coronavirus Taskforce and the Taskforce has come up preparatory plans to address the Coronavirus.”

Health Authorities have said if anyone is suspected to have contracted the virus and tested positive, authorities will contain the subject for treatment.

Whether Vanuatu is capable of detecting the virus is unknown however Health officials say there plans to screen the suspects and provide confirmation if the virus is detected and also be responsible to clear anyone suspected of the virus.

Authorities say the Taskforce has taken measures to start monitoring the Ports of entry mainly the Airports, to begin with.

The restrictions placed also require that anyone wanting to travel to Vanuatu must remain at their entry port for 14 days before travelling to Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Health Authorities say the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be alerted and notified of incoming travellers.

The Acting Director of Health continues to say “any incoming traveller to Vanuatu will be treated with high caution and Airports Vanuatu and Quarantine Department have set up an isolation area where passengers can be quarantined for checks.”

Health Authorities have confirmed they will be working closely with the Vila Central Hospital, Airports Vanuatu, Air Vanuatu, Customs, Bio Security, Immigration, Tourism and other stakeholders in addressing the issue.

The Vanuatu Government is bringing itself up to speed with Coronavirus and though the Vanuatu PM has not addressed the citizens, the Government is saying preparations are underway and are asking that people do not panic or feel more anxious.

Mr Pelam has confirmed they rely a lot on information provided by Health Officials and the WHO.