Vanuatu’s population at 272,459

Vanuatu population increases by 16 percent since 2009, after a Mini-census conducted by the Vanuatu National Statistics Office in 2016 with over 300 field workers, they have tallied the number to 272,459.

The National Statistics Office (VNSO) released the official tables and summary of key findings from the 2016 Mini-Census witj basic household and population count to update the household list as well as an opportunity to collect basic progress indicators of the government policies and services.

The Vanuatu National Statistics Office launched the 2016 Post Pam Mini Census music video and song produced for the Mini Census is one of several efforts to provide awareness and understanding to the public prior to the national listing and collection set to take place between September and November 2016.


In this report, data is released at Area council level and the decision to release such detail information is based on the increase demand for sub provincial data, as well as the need to empower decisions at this level, and unlike island level data, area councils are the official administrative boundaries at the sub provincial level.

Information related to disaster preparedness and response is also available in this release, and it includes the areas of water, sanitation, telecommunication and many more.


Vanuatu – 272,459
Urban – 67,749
Rural – 204,710
Torba – 10,161
Sanma – 54,184
Penama – 32,534
Malampa – 40,928
Shefa – 97,602
Tafea – 37,050


These changes are the combined result of natural disasters including Tropical Cyclone Pam and the subsequent El Nino drought effects, as well as population growth and urban migration trends.

The updated national household listing will improve the information available to assist with disaster preparedness and response. Furthermore, an updated household listing will ensure improved sampling — and hence, improved accuracy of analysis — of future household surveys planned for more in-depth data collection, such as income and expenditure surveys or demographic health surveys. The mini census is historical in many ways.

It is the first time VNSO has ever conducted a Mini Census, the use of ICT devices to collect Information and submit over the internet, the operation being fully funded by the Vanuatu government, the data processing and report writing done solely by VNSO staff, and to be able to release the final output within 6 months after fieldwork.

A full census with more in-depth questioning is planned for 2020 round of Census of Population and Housing.

Source: VNSO