Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee formed

The North Ambae Community in Port Vila has met on the 13th of April 2018 and elected the ‘Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee’ to represent the North Ambae Community and support the many organizations, agencies and the Vanuatu Government with the Ambae Volcano relief and evacuation efforts.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee is set up following the five Area Council Wards on Ambae and endorsed by North Ambae Chiefs in Port Vila to be set up as a support group for the Ambae relief and evacuation efforts.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee is chaired by John Culwick, Vice Chairman John Atkin, Secretary Julian Ligo, Vice Secretary Julian Sese, Treasurer Michael Liu, Vice Treasure Lennox Vuti, Women’s Representative Jenny Ligo, Legal Representative James Tari, Chief Representatives John Tarilama and Remy Vire, Health Representative Dr. Len Tarivonda, NDMO Representative Joe Mala, Education Representative Manuel Aru.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee Chairman says ‘the newly formed Committee will look closely to address the many small issues faced by the North Ambae Community and also look to support the current operations being carried out by NDMO and the ad-hoc committee Ambae Disaster Committee set up at Sarabulu.’

The Committee has liaised with the North Ambae Council of Chiefs and has already opened up dialogue for awareness and support to North Ambae residence.

‘This committee will purposely address issue’s faced by the North Ambae Communities as the Manaro Volcano progresses’ says chairman Cullwick.

‘The North Ambae Community is facing a first-time natural disaster and physical, emotional, spiritual matters will arise’

The Committee set up will look to liaise and provide any support it can provide to the Vanuatu Government, NDMO and other line agency’s.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee has been provided an office space by Yumi Toktok Stret with a Computer, Printer, Telephone landline, Internet and will be the base of operations for the North Ambae Committee.

‘We wait to hear what the Government through the NDMO is going to do before we write up our work plans to support the relief efforts’ said the Chairman.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee will report directly to the already existing Ambae Disaster Committee headed by Henry Vira and also provide reports of all it’s activities to the NDMO.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee will be working closely with NDMO to providing the people of North Ambae information related to their relief and evacuation process and will also work closely with North Ambae Chiefs.

Vatubui Bulie Tagaro Committee office will be open and in operation as of Monday the 16th of April 2018.