VBTC a national “disgrace”

Vanuatu made into the world cup and it’s first ever game was smeared by a lackluster performance from Vanuatu’s national broadcaster VBTC; who have come out on media saying  “they did not prepare in advance to air the match live on TV.”

VBTC has had it’s issue’s and though many, this time around it has single handedly managed to dig itself a grave.

VBTC as Vanuatu’s national public broadcaster, created by the Vanuatu Government to inform, educate and entertain; to reflect the nation to the nation; and to project the nation’s values to the world is so poorly managed that at the last minute before kickoff they posted on their Facebook page apologizing for not being able to provide live coverage for the match between Mexico vs Vanuatu.

A while back VBTC turned of it’s analogue services and opted to go digital with more channels and more to offer to the population. As the U20 World Cup Korea 2017 started with Vanuatu debuting in it’s first ever world Cup, VBTC again is nowhere to be found.

Pulled around by a know-it-all former journalist who has no clear leadership directions, VBTC has gone below par as a public entity and really does not deserve all the money provided to it by Tax Payers and after the match between Mexico and Vanuatu, VBTC is all but a degraded D Grade Media entity that needs to be recycled.

Vanuatu people have a clear expectation especially when the national teams compete that they will be able to see the best of local programming, including live sport, on free‐to‐air television, so to not show the colors of Vanuatu on the national Television especially when it is a world cup, is something you would not dare to do but VBTC did.

The Vanuatu Government must seriously consider recycling VBTC and its Board of Directors. It needs to get rid of the self righteous fools who think VBTC is a playground and start adding value back into the national broadcaster as the world has witnessed something very dramatic happening in Vanuatu’s first match and yet the Tax Payers are hearing all this as second hand information.

VBTC is a shared reference point within Vanuatu life, and that is how we see it and want it to be: a cultural experience we all have in common, at a time when common cultural experiences are becoming harder to come by, VBTC should be one that makes us proud and yet here we are wanting to burn it to the ground.

VBTC is Vanuatu’s national broadcaster and no other institution reaches as many people in Vanuatu, or touches so many so profoundly. The national broadcaster not only helps fashion Vanuatu life, but it is also a part of individual lives.

The story of Vanuatu, in its first World Cup, is an achievement but the story was not at all presented by VBTC, who is unprepared,  not ready and is utterly, totally, a public disgrace.