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The Prime Ministers Office has refuted claims that it is funding the Kassav’ Concert.

The Prime Ministers Office says any money to be spent must be approved by Parliament and the Vanuatu Parliament never approved any amount for the Kassav’ Concert.

YTS News understands the PM’s Office without Parliament approval can find VT17m as is practice by a lot of government departments.

Sources from the Prime Minster’s Office also said there were discussions that spending VT17m can be refunded through one passport sale.

The Prime Minister’s Office says VBTC is organizing the Kassav Concert and have not elaborated further about financing.

When YTS News ran the story about the PM’s Office funding the Kassav’ Concert, the VBTC GM emailed Julian Ligo from YTS and said VBTC has liabilities of over VT800m from the previous management.

The VBTC GM did not respond to the duty exemptions on equipment coming in for the Kassav Concert and neither did the Prime Ministers Office.

“VBTC should be kept out of the political bun fight between various factions because all that VBTC is attempting to achieve is to clean up the mess left behind by previous administrations”, he wrote.

The GM did not say who is funding the Kassav Concert for VBTC but does stress “the current administration has no choice but to repay all the previous debts and find ways to raise revenue to repay these debts and improve infrastructure”

The Prime Minister Office and VBTC have not disclosed the funding for the Kassav’ Concert and have not even commented on the duty exemption on the equipment.