VFF applauds Bong Kalo’s Facilitators

In an email to Vanuatu’ Consulate in Hong Kong on the 25 of August 2017, President of Vanuatu Football Federation, Mr. Lambert Maltock applauds Mr. Andrew Leong for facilitating Bong Kalo’s trial in Europe to achieving the first ever professional football contract outside Vanuatu and in Europe.

Bong Kalo (born 18 January 1997) is now a midfielder for FC Ascona in the Swiss 2. Liga Interregional.

Below is the e-mail.

I write with reference to the Dailypost issue of this morning with regards to Bong Kalo trial.

May I take the opportunity to express our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you personally and on behalf of VFF for the very important role you played in carrying on the journey of Vanuatu dream from World Cup in Korea to another height to complete almost the whole pathway of a football player development and investment. I salute you and wish to congratulate you, Coach Moise Poida and the President and Executive Members of Tafea FC for the great collaborative effort and excellent work done to assist our National U20 Captain Mr. Bong Kalo to reach- not only his dream to play in a European soil but also the dream and expectation of the whole country, its people and Vanuatu Football Authority.

Indeed, this is the highest and most exiting welcoming news of the day for Vanuatu which we have been waiting impatiently for last couple of days. For me personally this morning, I felt like the day I saw Captain Bong scored the first World Cup goal for Vanuatu against Mexico in Korea. I am truly overjoyed by this news and can only thanked Almighty God for his grace and love to grant such especial blessing to Mr. Bong Kalo to be the ‘TESTIMONY of VANUATU FOOTBALL” of being the First Captain of U20 to the FIFA World Cup, First Vanuatu Captain to score in a FIFA World Cup, First Vanuatu Captain to be among the top ten in a FIFA World Cup as best players scoring 3 goals and First Ni-Vanuatu Academy Product to enter a Professional Football Club in Europe and play officially in a European club soil. This is indeed historically extraordinary and rewarding for Vanuatu Football, VFF Staff and Exco Members, Partners and Sponsors, football lovers and fans, Churches as well as the country as a whole and of course OFC, bearing in mind all the efforts, energies, investments and prayers being put together collaboratively by everyone into such dream for many years. I am sure you should be very delighted as well with Coach Moise Poida as well as Tafea FC, TFA and the families in Tafea

Sir, this is the first message which I wish to extend to you on behalf of Vanuatu Football Federation and its football families after seeing this “breaking news” and express our most sincere gratitude for your very kind and generous assistance to help promote Vanuatu Football on your Role as a General Consul representing Vanuatu. Of course, I take note that this is not the first time as you have already done so with your former club with Amicale FC importing players from overseas and thereby giving values to our local players to be likewise. You have done all these selflessly and tirelessly for the Good of Vanuatu Football.

May our Loving God continue to bless you abundantly in your work and ambitions,

Kind regards,