VIMB announces cooperation with Eddy Travels AI-Powered Travel Assistant

In support of its continuing efforts to promote Vanuatu and the benefits of its Citizenship by Investment Program, The Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB), through its Dubai office, today entered into a cooperation with leading AI-powered Travel Assistant company, Eddy Travels, to facilitate easier travel planning and access to Vanuatu, as well as for supporting Vanuatu Citizens with AI-enhanced resources for optimizing their global travel experience.

This cooperation represents the first time that AI has been deployed and incorporated in the promotion of Vanuatu as a travel destination, with the unique machine learning capabilities of the system enabling over time ever more accurate, relevant, and cost-efficient choices to be offered to the traveler.

Commenting on the commencement of the cooperation, VIMB Chief Executive James Elcocke-Harris remarked:

“The opportunity to work with Eddy Travels positions VIMB as being an early participant in the AI technological revolution that is currently underway.  VIMB is always seeking to improve upon and expand the level of support we can offer our clients and, as we are often approached by people seeking advice on how to visit Vanuatu, this is a very useful augmentation to our services”.  He added, “a big draw for cooperating with Eddy Travels is due to their relationship with the Intelak Hub led by The Emirates Group and Dubai Tourism.  We recognize that Dubai is a constant innovator, and we hope through alignment and association to gain benefits for Vanuatu’s own Tourism Industry as it seeks to recover from the devastating effects of Covid 19”.

Lithuanian entrepreneur Edmundas Balčikonis is a co-founder and CEO of Eddy Travels. He had this to say:

“Our cooperation with VIMB highlights the reach and capabilities of Eddy Travels to connect with even the most remote of travel destinations which, post-Covid 19 will be seen as ever more attractive especially if, as is the case with Vanuatu, they have remained Covid 19-free.  Aside from this, the association with VIMB showcases Eddy Travels’ appeal for global citizens who need speed, accuracy, and flexibility in support of their highly mobile lifestyle – whether for business or leisure travel.  Eddy Travels is the new paradigm in travel planning tools and technology.

Source: Edy Travels