Primson Livo wearing the new business class uniform

VIT with New Uniforms

The Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) has now a new set of uniforms for students to complete the school’s initiative to differentiate all departments from one another, and that is for the Business Studies Class and IT Class.

The two departments now have the white and red uniforms replaced with blue tops and black skirts for girls and blue shirts and black shorts for boys, the school Logo inclusive.

The school’s Principal Mr Kalpat Kalpeo says this is a compliment for last year’s changes which saw almost half the courses gearing up with new uniforms and that includes Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Joinery, Electro technology- Electricity, Building Construction as well as Tourism and others.

He says the main idea is to show some professionalism about VIT students, show pride and security and also to show the different field of studies within the institution. It also help drive the importance of workmanship in the workplace.

“The students look neat and smart with their news uniforms compared to the old uniform. They look professional,” says one Port Vila resident when YTS asked for her opinion on the changes.