VNPF GM reinstated and terminates staff he allegedly sexually assaulted

In 2016 a alleged sexual assault against a VNPF female member of staff has been confirmed as the reason behind the suspension of the then Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) acting General Manager (GM) Viliame Baleitavua.

Reports have now indicated the suspended GM,Viliame Baleitavua, has been reinstated as Acting GM and his first request to the VNPF Board is to terminate the woman he allegedly sexaully assaulted.

Sources say the VNPF Board made the decision to terminate upon the GM’s recommendation.

Sources inside VNPF say the move, however, is to cover up ‘sexual harassment’ which does exist in the VNPF management level.

The issue does paint a vague image of VNPF as a institution owned also by the many women in Vanuatu.