A partnership agreement between Vodafone Vanuatu and Tove Eats will see an online mall “M-PRICE” launch on the 30th of September, 2020, in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

The online mall will cater to all types of businesses and also allow businesses affected by Covid19 to also venture their business out to a different reach via a different platform.

The online shop M-PRICE will be using Vodafone Vanuatu’s mobile-based payment system “MVatu” as a primary payment method and the payment system is also made available to everyone in Vanuatu through the Vodafone network.

M-PRICE will also sell Vodafone Vanuatu products, such, as Credit Top-Ups, Sim Cards, Mobile Phones, and also promote MVatu as a payment method to Vodafone Vanuatu customers.

The number of shops available on “M_PRCE” will be substantial and will also be available to businesses in the Solomon Islands, PNG, Fiji, Noumea and all Small Island States in the Pacific.

M-PRICE will also look to facilitate domestic payment options via MVatu not only as a payment method but, also as a business solution in business transactions or personal purchasing.

Vodafone CEO Barlen Lutchmoodoo says ‘MVatu can be a solution for the locals who do not have a bank account but do have a mobile phone and wish to purchase anything from any business or transfer money to family or friends’.

M-PRICE shopping will also have capabilities to receive money from oversea’s and transfer directly through MVatu to people around Vanuatu and as there are no online fees to online banking transfers the system will look to help Seasonal Workers in both Australia and New Zealand transfer money to their families in Vanuatu.

Registrations to have an online shop with M-PRICE will be released soon and businesses in Vanuatu are offered a shop inside M-Price for free.

For businesses in Vanuatu who own an online shop operating inside M-PRICE, once registered, they will have their own payments systems connected directly to their business accounts in Vanuatu and all payments are paid directly to them.

Vodafone Vanuatu’s ‘MVatu’ will be the Vanuatu local transfer payment method and all businesses in Vanuatu who wish to own a shop on M-PRICE must register with MVatu.

M-PRICE is owned by Tove Eats, an indigenous-owned business, owned and operated in Vanuatu.