Voluntary Evacuation is declared over Ambae.

An advisory by the Penama Disaster & Climate Change Committee -PDCCC, has declared a Voluntary Evacuation on Ambae.

Ambae residents are encouraged to take heed of important information while the voluntary evacuation program is arranged.

All migrating residents are encouraged to register with authorities.

The Penama┬áProvince has said ‘unlike last year, the voluntary evacuation transportation cost, inland and abroad will be covered by the government.

PDCCC will collect all names and contact Host Family for approval before proceeding with evacuation arrangements.

All migrating Ambaeans should be properly registered in order for continuous and follow up government support.

PDCCC has also provided procedures for Voluntary Evacuation of Ambae:

1. Name of person, 2. Age, 3. Contact, 3. community/village on Ambae, 4. Host Family Name, 5. Relationship to Host Family, 6. Host family Contact, 7. Host Family Address, 8 Approval.

Contact Penama Disaster Operation Center in Saratamata, Penama Province for more information and update on PDO:5366614/7376099.