Vote for Party’s who respect your constitutional rights

We have entered the first week of campaigns. Slow for an election but will get there eventually. Political platforms and ideas, visions and dreams will be shoved down our throats for the next two weeks.

For some it will be a sleepless night whilst for others they just can’t wait for polling day. A lot will rest on popularity and how organised they are.

For me personally, if someone ever asked what Party I will never vote for, I will say the Peoples Progressive Party or PPP for short, and a lot of other MP”s who I thank God will never see the red roof again.

In last years by elections over 4000 people voted for Kenneth Natapei. At that time the political situation was in its most unstable conditions ever with MPs going in and out of jail, going in and out of courts and also 14 were jailed.

After the by elections Kenneth Natapei was elected and the Prime Minister Sato Kilman made sure that Parliament would not meet for Kenneth Natapei to swear in and asked the President to dissolve parliament.

The actions of Kilman denied the swearing in of Kenneth Natapei, thus des-respecting the rights of over 4000 people. A lot more people than those in Malekula who voted him in.

People are simple and when the head of the Government in his political will denies the swearing in of one of Vanuatu’s youngest MPs, he will and must be ready to face up to this in the coming elections and here we are, at the very snap election he has asked for.

Personally I will never vote for PPP unless someone else takes the reigns of the Party.

We all have our rights guided and protected by the constitution and if voting is a constitutional right then swearing in of an MP is a constitutional right and we must never respect politicians who do not respect our rights and further more never vote for them either.

PPP has a candidate in Port Vila, I say take the votes out from them and teach them a lesson. Respect is a two way street. You respect me, I respect you.

Over 4000 votes and the winning candidate never got to swear in. Mr. Kilman won his political game but turned 4000 people into losers. The question would be if a President of a political Party and his Party treat us this way, would we vote for him and his candidates? We will allow the 22nd of January 2015 to answer this question.