During the VP campaigns in Port Vila, long time former VP MP Sela Molisa told the public the Vanua aku Party will field women to run in the 2020 National Elections.

Molisa says ‘women though need to be stable and get involved more in politics, get to know how Party’s are run and generally know Party policies’.

“It is important to have women in the Parliament as when it comes to stability, we do need women to support the work”

Mr. Molisa continued “the snap elections have come too quick and we were unprepared but come 2020, we will field women candidates in our major constituency’s”

Molisa said “The biggest and most important constituency which is Port Vila, VP has already given to the Young people, and we will ensure that VP elects women into Parliament, and mind you, Vanua ‘aku Party is strong enough to elect women into Parliament”

Molisa who is also a candidate for Santo Rural says “the excuses of custom is enough, women must now enter Parliament, it is time”